Attainment/Grading System

Here at Dream Live Achieve (DLA) we have a grading system known as the traffic light system. This helps us judge the performance readiness of each pupil individually.


This is a smart guide for staff and parents to ensure we can get the best out of our pupils



Performer:  A student at this level is the same as purple, but also has a high level of confidence and may have more experience in performing. They are able to improvise on stage, use their own initiative on stage, and help to direct other student/team members.

Ready to perform: A student at this level requires minimal support and can also help and encourage other students in the class. They are able to improvise in class, use their own initiative in class, and help to direct other student/team members. They may not possess the confidence to perform on stage.


Being almost ready: A student at this level indicates a lack of confidence or ability, and requires further support. They may have previous experience in the arts but may just need a little extra help.


Being NOT ready to perform: a student at this level is a beginner and has no previous experience in expressive arts so we would outline a detailed action plan with assignments and homework to bring this student up to par with the rest of the group


Pupils will NOT be judged by the grading: this information will be kept confidential as we want all students to feel welcome and comfortable.  We provide a great working area and a safe environment upon which to engage with learners. This grading system allows staff to ensure that each pupil has and equal opportunity and also allows us to see which of our students requires that little bit of extra help.


We will be more than happy to share this information with parents upon request, and will be detailed in the parent’s evenings, so that parents may see their child’s progression.