Some of us may just perceive dancing as something we do for a bit of fun after a wedding
after a few drinks however the benefits of attending dance classes can benefit your health

Today we’re going to look at the benefits of attending dance classes and how
they can improve your health as well as making you not look as bad of a dancer at the next
family function!

Before we go into the health benefits it’s important to note that this applies to everyone
regardless of your age. It’s sometimes thought that dance classes are just for younger
people, however this isn’t the case.

No matter whether you’re 8 or 80, dance classes are a
perfect way to stay fit and healthy. It’s also the perfect place to make new friends, and for
some is one of the few occasions where they get to socialise with others.

So now, let’s get down to the health benefits.

Why is it healthy to attend dance classes?

Well first and foremost, it’s a physical activity which will have obvious health benefits.

However, what health benefits are there in particular?

● It improves your cardiovascular health – the cardio involves in a dance class helps
you meet your recommended amounts of exercise per week. The government
recommends 150 – 300 minutes of exercise per week at a moderate level. The
average dance class lasts between 1 and 2 hours which it makes dance classes a
heavy contributor.

● It improves both your balance and strength – the nature of dancing in general means
that it is a combination of all the different types of postures and body planes. The
more you practice the more your balance is going to improve and the strength within
the certain muscles that are being used to support that balance.

● It boosts your cognitive performance – it is not only your physical health that dancing
improves but also your mental health. Various studies have been carried out to
demonstrate that areas of the brain responsible for tasks such as memory and
planning are used heavily in dancing and thus have led to an improvement in those

● Attending dance classes can also improve your emotional health. As we’ve
mentioned already, some people have very little social activity either due to their
mental health or a lack of friends/family. Attending dance classes is socially inclusive
and can lead to people making new friends. This is the sole reason for some people attending dance classes.

Hopefully now you’re more aware of just how beneficial getting yourself signed up to dance classes is.

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