Confidence  (or self esteem) is how a person looks at themselves, and in turn views their accomplishments. Low self esteem can affect a persons level of concentration, motivation, happiness, and their mental heath state.

There are many factors in todays society which can affect a persons confidence. This can derive from the stress of poor academic grades, not being treated well by loved ones, mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression, and the biggest one of today – Social media.
Studies have shown that regular exercise and doing fun activities can help to change this negative mindset of how you view yourself, as well as having a safe space where you can feel comfortable to express yourself.
The performing arts are a creative and open way to be able to express yourself, and by taking a class, you are placed in a safe space to openly do so, as well as providing you with an intimate circle full of like minded people where you can feel you belong and receive encouragement. Studies show that confidence is built through the arts, by encouraging people to come out of their own “selves” and try something new, whilst also encouraging and helping others, and learning to take criticism and feedback that will help them to improve.
Dream Live Achieve Academy are able to tackle each of these proactive approaches within their singing, drama and dance classes, and are passionate to providing a safe space for young people and adults. A few students have gathered together to discuss the issue on confidence in young people and what it means to them, as well as explore the possible causes and how to tackle them….The full video can be found in our Videos or on YouTube.

If you want to take it a step further and sign up yourself/ or your child, for some dance, singing or drama classes, please use the link here to register. Or why don’t you come on down to DLAcademy where we have a range of classes you can take advantage of. THE FIRST CLASS IS FREE!

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